marketpress featured item on main page for a fee

I dunno if you can already do this or if there is a plugin that you could recommend. Basically I want to add "featured products" or "featured store" section to my main page. This would be perfect as a slider, honestly. This could be a plugin for marketpress and for directory. I've seen this feature built into other themes.

heres the scenario: I have a multisite marketpress network. any of my store owners can go to my home page, click the "feature my store" button, pay the required fee, and bam, their store gets automatically added to the list on the slider. This slider could be placed at the top of the home page to show it off.

in the backend, as the super-admin, I could just set it up one time: add the price and time frame for the listing.

If there is currently a way to get this done, or at least something similar- through a outside plugin or a simple code, please advise