MarketPress Features

I am currently using Marketpress Lite and trying to decide if I will upgrade my WPMU membership and buy Marketpress. I am finding the Features list at a little vague.

As for shipping/delivery:

Can I set custom Shipping options? I deliver catering, etc to the local area… can I say

Postal codes a, b, c: check here for $10 delivery fee

Postal codes x, y, z: check here for $30 delivery fee

If you order totals $60: check here for free delivery

I also make regular deliveries to certain business sites in the city on a schedule with no delivery fee (like Darwin’s in London). Or people can pick up their orders. Can I say

Check here for delivery on 21 October at ABC Business Park

Check here for delivery on 24 October at XYZ Company main security gate

Check here to pick-up.

How are invoices produced? I find the emails in Marketplace Lite poorly organized and horrible for quick reference during deliveries. The ‘manage orders’ page doesn’t print properly. Other ecommerce sites offer PDF invoices.

Tax Inclusive… does that mean VAT… so that I could let the customer know that 8% of their soda price is VAT and 4% of their sandwich is VAT?

Thank you for your time.

Cara Rynerson