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1. Is there a separate feed for each sites products not combined with the blog ? I want to add the separate feeds of each site to the Google Merchant Center.
2. Also Google has a new Local Availability on Google Product Search that would be cool if we could link the inventory for our products to it. Let me know if that would be possible in the near future if not now? I have a store setup that I want to try that on, just not sure if it can be done with MarketPress yet.


  • Mason

    Hiya Chester,

    WordPress does have individual feeds for custom post types per site (which is what MarketPress uses) so this should totally be possible.

    I found a few threads on forums about how to implement this which may be of use to you:

    But, basically, it's built right in :smiley:

    Google Product Search is a great idea. It looks to be totally doable though you'll have to set it up yourself. Not sure how it will see separate stores on a network install, but I'd say worth looking into.

    How do you envision this working and what would you like to see from MarketPress for this?


  • chesterbailey

    It would be nice if there was an option for supporter sites to have an automatic feed setup for their own products. Also if the feed was in the correct format for what Google Merchant requires it would be a plus. A specific permalink setup I believe. Besides having the feeds created automatically It would be cool if the feed had the correct information required in it to notify Google Product Search of local availability for in stock products. This is a new feature that Google is releasing. This would help link the MarketPress stores into Google and would be a huge benefit to the store owners.

    In Short what I would like to see for the MarketPress plugin is feeds that work with Google Merchant and that they work with the new option for local availability. Can you add that to the plug-in development?

    I hope that this is really considered and not just blown off.

  • chesterbailey

    OK. So It appears that there is not much difference between the regular data feed and the local feed just separate Google Merchant accounts for each. The difficult thing would be to create one feed that has every product in it and another that has just the products that are in stock. That is what Google needs for the local products. Still not sure if this can be done using wordpress. Time will tell.
    The first thing I need to get working is to see if I can get a feed of the products in the correct format and submit that to Google Merchant. If all else fails they will take a tab delimited file by ftp from excel.

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