MarketPress Final Release

Hey guys, just want to let you all know that we have officially released MarketPress!

And the top secret feature:

Make More Money with Multisite and MarketPress Combined!

Selling your products online is the number one way to make money using WordPress. MarketPress does this expertly for a single user WordPress site. But it has also been built specifically to allow you to create a network of stores with Multisite (a marketplace!) which exponentially increases the profits you can be making with your site. Here are a few ways of doing just that:

* Allow stores for only Pro (supporter) blogs
* Allow only certain store themes for Pro blogs
* Allow certain gateways for Pro Blogs
* Use our advanced Adaptive Payments gateway - Take a predetermined percentage fee of all store sales on your network! Completely automated and invisible to store customers. You can also allow Pro blogs to opt out of this by using a different gateway.

Imagine running your own network of user stores similar to Etsy or Shopify and collecting a percentage from each! Open your Multisite network to an unlimited number of stores and generate income from each as they sell their own products. Users in your network will appreciate how easy it is to set up their own store - creating new products is as easy as writing a quick post!

You can also check out our in progress demo here