marketpress – finalising settings


Trying to finalise the project, but bump(ed) into a couple of issues, hope you can help fixing those.

(this concenrs a sub-site, btw.)

1. mp-cart.jpg: Why can I not see the cart-icon in the menu? I do see it in the 'mother-site'.

2. mp-external.jpg:Q: How to hide this option?

Why is this option available ayway? Imo it counters the whole principle of taking commission on every sale?

3a. mp-margin.jpg: The 4th product seems to take a larger top-margin/ -padding the the 3 first products?

How to solve this. btw. its (I think) not 'the product itslef', I already deleted some a re-added, and its seems to accur only withe the 4th (and following) products.

3b. Front-page using Full-Width: When using Ful-Width on the fornt-page, the products take no margin on the left-side and are laced to the utmost left-side of the browser. Which is kind of 'ugly'. Can this be fixed?

If so: When using the Blog-Template-Plugin: Will I be able to transfer this new adjustment to the new template?

Hope to hear from you, thanks in advance, Erik