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Hey everyone,

We've got a client who wants to set up a store and they've got some pretty specific requests that I couldn't find out whether or not MarketPress was able to handle or not.

1) They want to organize their store by manufacturer not by product type or any other thing (although we're still gonna use regular product categories to help folks get through the store normally).

2) At first they'd like to disable the option to buy any products. They're not quite ready to take online orders yet, they'd rather it be more like a "magazine" if you will.

3) They'd like to restrict the visibility and pricing certain products to certain roles.

Are these cases doable in MarketPress?

  • Patrick

    Hi there Adam

    I hope you're having a great day!

    #1 is certainly feasible with product categories set up to reflect manufacturers. They can use product tags to further categorize the products per type, features, etc

    #2 is a built-in option that can be enabled/disabled simply by checking a box:

    #3 is not built-in, but can certainly be achieved with a bit of custom jQuery coding to hide/show certain on-page elements to different user-roles, or allow/disallow access to specified pages/permalinks/URIs.

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