Marketpress - Gateway and Checkout problems

Hey All-
I'm baaaack :slight_frown: OK, for some reason, I am not connecting the dots/problem-solving on my own. I discovered errors during shopping around on my site. I have not yet re-added the extra non-supporter gateway code, so that is not the problem. Obviously, I have something(s) screwed up. Would you help me out?

1. Checkout button and update cart button is grayed out (but found that they are clickable)
2. Cannot complete checkout
3. Wants me to select a payment method but offers no choices

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Thanks for sending your details through.

    I have looked at your site and can see that the reason you aren't seeing that button active is because you haven't defined a payment gateway to use.

    You need to go into the MarketPress Store Settings, select the Payments tab and choose and configure a payment gateway.


  • tutuology
    • The Bug Hunter

    Am I able to select more than 1? Also, is this for setting up my personal store? Will setting up this page just plug in the checkout process for my items in my store? I am trying to process in my brain how everything comes together. So, each person who sets up a store on tutuology will need to come to this page and select their payment prefs? When they sell an item, the checkout process occurs based on how they set up this page? Then automatically, a 4% transaction fee comes off the top and in to my pocket? tia phil

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    If you are looking to take a cut from the sub-sites on your network you will need to use the Chained Payments gateway.

    I'm attaching a tutorial to this thread to help you with that.

    Your sub-site owners will still be required to enter their own PayPal details, which will enable you to pay them their sales revenue, minus your percentage.


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