MarketPress general (product type; currency type & recurring payment)

Hi, we're using MarketPress with CoursePress Pro.

The basic idea of how we would like to use it is that learners have access to a particular course for x-months (6 in this case) and that they can pay in one of two ways: Once off with a reduction in price factored in or monthly.

I can also potentially integrate it with Membership Pro but the problem is one of causing User Confusion.

Maybe I'm just missing one or two things:
Product Type
An online course is not a physical/tangible product and though it is digital it is also not a downloadable product.

How do I get rid of the download links as part of checkout process? OR is that what the product type 'external link' is for (though it is not an external link, it's just a course on the same site).

Currency type
I assume one has to have a baseline currency. Our market is international (using US dollars), but we are in South Africa and would like to encourage our local market to take part in the online course. The US dollars however puts them off suggesting with the currency volatility that it is more expensive. It also puts them off since we would in fact like them to make a recurring payment. It is however also slightly more expensive to allow for some administrative charges.

Is it not possible for purchasers to define their currency?
Is it not possible for the purchaser to decide to do a once of payment (factored in discount) or our usual monthly commitment for six months.

  • Luís

    Hi Elmo ,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Firstly, MarketPress don't support "Recurring Payments", if you want to create an access to six months (as an example) the best option should be use Membership 2 Pro.

    Product Type</strong

    "physical/tangible" is defined by default, however you can change to a "Digital Download" and hide the link using CSS:

    .page-order-status .mp_cart_item_content > a {
        display: none;

    Currency type

    Unfortunately, MarketPress don't support multi currency, maybe a workaround can be use "Manual Payments" and allow users to transfer the money in the currency they want.

    Cheers, Luís

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