Marketpress Global Cart install on a multisite network

In this project it requires one global cart. One admin to control the look and feel of the store and payment types etc.

I installed this plugin and Network Activated it and see store settings in each of the multisites.

I am logged on as the super admin in my testing.

1. Is Network activated the correct way to install MArketpress using Global Cart? Or should it be activated in root site?
2. Should I be able to see settings in subsites? I thought maybe it would just be products and product options that a subsite could see.

It is not clear in Marketpress useage or details info on what is correct way of install.

  • Lee

    Thanks for the suggestion but what I really need to know is what the developers of marketpress expected when they created Global Cart. How is it suppose to be used by subsites and what is supposed to be changeable by the subsite admin ? They obviously need to add product and product options but are they supposed to be able to make an entire subsite store or only pages in a global cart store or is there a global cart store??

  • Milan

    Hello Lee

    Hope you are well today and won't mind me chiming here. :slight_smile:

    I really need to know is what the developers of marketpress expected when they created Global Cart. How is it suppose to be used by subsites and what is supposed to be changeable by the subsite admin ?

    Main purpose of Global cart is to offer ability to each store to be a different merchant, accepting and processing orders independently, yet allowing for a single place on the network for customers to check out. However, it’s not designed for the same store owner to run multiple stores, you should just keep your products in one store in that case. You can know more about how it works and what possible configurations it has to offer here.

    And could you be specific about what changes you want to offer your subsite admins to see in respect to Global Cart ?


  • Lee

    Thanks for reply.

    What I meant by what the developers planned was how it they see it work for the network of stores. Every site has a nag message to setup the store and it looks like a full install.

    Did the developers have the notion that each site was FULL featured and FULL setup? Did they think about limiting the options on a per site or per user basis? What features each site admin is supposed to have control vs the super admin? As an aside looks like M2 has addons that might help with this ?

    I am trying to attract large and small vendors with simplicity. Commit 1 or 2 or small amount of products that they might place on the network.

    I want to make it as easy as possible for them to want to add their handful of products or services to the network. They already are running some form of online shop so I don't want to burden them more unless it is worth their time. If it works well then they can grow mysite store presence. Busy businesses won't take time or assign labor to an unproven concept or website.

    I would like to have a ready made store. Make some default template for all stores to start with so they don't have to learn anything just to get started. I would like them to pop in a couple of products and not worry much about it unless an order comes emailing into the inbox. Then if it works out they can learn and do more with the store latter.

    I thought about only giving them editor user but they might want to make changes that only admin can do for the site. I do see that user access can be reduced
    But the Manage_Store_Settings is an all or nothing thing.

    KISS formula Please.


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Lee,

    There's not much limitation to subsite store creators except for the payment gateways that they can use.

    What you can do to make life easier for subsite owners is to use New Blog Templates plugin that will allow you to create templates with some MP settings and products already added so when users create new subsite based on that template the settings get transfered as well.

    Best regards,

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