MarketPress: Global Product List and Global Product Category List not displaying products

I'm developing on WAMP and can't get Global Product List or Global Product Category List to show products. I guess there's something wrong with my slugs and it's driving me nuts. I've made my slug structure:

Marketplace Base = /marketplace/
Product Categories = /marketplace/category/
Product Tags = /marketplace/tag/

Store Base = / global/
Products List = /global/marketplace
Shopping Cart Page = /global/cart
Order Status Page = / global/status
Product Category = / global/marketplace/category
Product Tag = /global/marketplace/tag

Framemarket and TwentyEleven also do not show the global products.

If I click on a global product link, the url is
/marketplace/category/categoryname and the page displays the correct category name but shows the words 'No Products'.

Is there something simple I'm doing wrong or is there anything I can check in the template .php pages or database?

I've restarted Apache, changed themes, and re-saved widgets, and cleared cache to no avail.

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hello cowontherun,

    Am not sure if this is because you are on a local host. I tried it on a real server (with the exact same configuration for the slugs) and it worked just fine. I don't have Multisite on local host. Tried, but found out it would take more time that I thought.

    Can you check up your MarketPress Network settings and in the General Settings see whether "Limit Global Shortcodes to Main Blog" is set to No?

    That shouldnt be the problem I suppose. Lets wait till you go live and hope this would be sorted? Let me know!

  • cowontherun
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    I have spent about 8 hours and one tub of chocolate ice cream trying to debug this to no avail.

    The slugs are correct because they don't return a 404, instead the widgets say 'No products' or link to a page that says No Products. Even though the child sites have products.

    I've deleted all sites and added a new site. The Global Products widgets sometimes work and sometimes don't. One minute they'll link to the correct page, the next time they say 'No Products' in the widget.

    Is this some kind of database corruption issue? Can always reinstall WPress and Multi site from scratch. That would require more chocolate.

    Am wondering if there's any particular order I should be adding new sites/changing the new site's theme, adding products or categories etc.

    NB. Probably not best to tell someone to 'wait until you go live and hope it's sorted!'

  • cowontherun
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    I think this was the theme and not the database. If anyone else has this problem in the future I would recommend deleting the theme and re-adding. I had to delete my database and start MU from scratch. This has corrected the global products not being found. Still worries me I don't know the exact cause.

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hey there,

    yeah probably not a good idea, in fact it sorta sounds lame, noted and sorry.

    Thing is I couldn't replicate this issue. And Aaron is away on vacation at the moment to see if he have come across similar troubles in the past.

    What made you think that it could be the theme? Did you try changing it before you did the reinstall? (and ate a lot of chocolates? lol)

    Which theme are you using? Let me try that one.

  • cowontherun
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    No problem. I didn't really give you a specific step/s to solve/debug. Yes I tried going back to Twenty Eleven but Global Products widget also returned No Products in that theme too. I thought it might be a database issue because after deleting posts or categories or even sites, the database thought they still existed. So after starting from db/theme scratch again, all themes worked with Global Products.

    Anyway, I was using only some (cough) of the Grid child theme, didn't want to use all of it because it has too much functionality/css/buddy press in it to customise quickly. However, I've now done this the right way and copied the entire Grid folder and am painstakingly changing it slowly and testing after each iteration.

    I looked at my history log and I think Global products stopped working after I changed the theme on a child site but not on the parent site, then when I updated the parent it broke. Anyway, very boring. Not anything specific for you to solve.

    However, I have managed to lose Javascript - not expanding my widget modules in admin :slight_smile:. I'm having to use FFweb dev toolbar to disable JS in the browser so I can use the manual edit links on widgets. Thread here but it doesn't help:

    Anyone have a solution for that? I'm using the new Wordpress 3.4 and the Grid child theme. Cheers.

  • CGAdmin
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I am having this issue as well... What do you mean by "incorrect child theme construct"?

    I am able to update the products on my main page and they correctly show in the widget throughout all of the child sites regardless of theme. However, none of the products in the child sites are showing up in the Global Products list.

    EDIT: Okay, for some reason it started working as soon as I threatened to remove the entire plugin. Perhaps I didn't hit the update button or something juvenile like that.

  • Vubiquity
    • Premium Content Services

    For the record, I was having the same problems, did a search, found this page, and followed hpidriver's advice:

    What solved it for me was changing the sub-sites Privacy Settings on 'allow search engines'

    And, voila! It's showing up. (go into Settings > Reading > Discourage search engines from indexing this site

    And uncheck that box.

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