MarketPress Global Products Filter


there is a "module" in ProSites that i do not recall seeing in previous versions.

the module is "MarketPress Global Products Filter".

I looked through ProSites changelog as well as MarketPress changelog and cannot locate it.

I also looked through the ProSites "Usage" instructions as well as the Youtube videos and cannot locate it.

also when this module is "activated" i cannot locate any extra settings for it under ProSites/Settings similar to how extra settings are offered when "modules" are "activated".

From the description i can only guess what i believe may be the functionality offered by activating it.

– Usually to build a marketplace with MarketPress, it (MarketPress) would have to be network activated, and therefore MarketPress plugin would be available to all sites even free/default level ProSites. so i am thinking/hoping this module solves that dilemma ?

So my questions is;

Can i get a detailed description of this module and its exact usage ?

your kind assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again in advance.