Marketpress global Search plugin - as per the WPMUDEV blog, 2 questions.


So i have been looking around for a global search feature for marketpress.

I found the that you can get off github from the WPMUDEV blog article. But the last time it was updated was 2 years ago? Is that a bad thing? :slight_smile:

Then - secondly, so usually, and this may be a upfront or a latest version of wpress thing, i used to find widgets under appearance. but there's none of that on my site now.

The reason why i'm waffling on about finding the widgets page, is because upfront only engages with the "shop" in marketpress enough to see that it's a "post", and there's no way to actually fidget with the page itself to add a widget after the header, before the content. So i thought I'd go add the widget to a sidebar in the widgets area. But no going.

Should i try to add a sidebar region in upfront next to the "post" area of the "shop"?

What do you advise?

Thanks so much for your help.

PS- I have enabled back-end-support on the site if you wanted to go check it out.