marketpress & gridmarket, change pagination on front page only

Hi there,
I'm playing around with Marketpress and Gridmarket. I've set up a "static" home.php that displays content plus the product organized by category, and I'm wondering where to target the code to change the pagination just for this front page. In my store settings, I want pagination to show 20 product per page, but on this front page I'd like only 8 per category. I know this may be a more complex development question, but any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Also - for some reason - my home.php template is also being used for the blog page, even though in the admin panel I've set the blog to a different page with the gridmarket blog news template. I can't trace why, but I'm not the most advanced coder so I may have just set things up incorrectly.

You can view the development site here:

Please let me know what code you may need to see and I'll paste it. Thank you in advance.