Marketpress, Gridmarket, Framemarket shopping cart alignment issues.

I have a multisite Marketpress, Gridmarket, Framemarket shopping cart alignment issue.

My main store has a global store showing all products from all stores. Shows in a nice grid, but the product cells differ in height because of the varying text. I would like these cells to either align to the tallest cell in the row, or all cells to one height have the extra text just cut off and still have the buy now button at the bottom of each cell.

Each sub-merchant store has a store that only displays their own products which I like, but that store has 4 rows, runs over and somehow pushes the buy now button down to the next line. However this stores products are in rows that are all the same height which is great, Im just getting the buy now button pushed to the next row.

Overall, I just want a clean looking store for global and local products, with symmetrical rows and columns with their buy now buttons lining up nicely across the bottom of the row. I will provide screen shots and links..

Global Cart for all merchants products:

Individual Merchant local cart: