Marketpress + Gridmarket: normal pages not displaying & normal blog?

I'm trying to set up content pages and the blogs for shops inside my Marketpress site.

For some reason, the pages are acting really strange. In the admin, the number of pages show in all(6), but none are listed to be managed. Not even the marketplace pages are showing. They do show in PageMash, however, but 404 when I try to navigate to them through the front end.

The main site (id=1) is not having these problems.

Thanks in advance. I think this is a great combination. I was in the process of building this with another theme framework through a custom plugin while you were. I just can't compete with what you have built. Bravo.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hiya Jeff,

    Have you tried de-activating PageMash and seeing if that affects anything? As a plugin that does play around with Pages is most likely to be the one causing the problems.

    Of course, de-activate any other plugins too and check if your pages work then also. Always a good idea when you're getting 404s on pages that exist to update Permalinks too!


  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    I agree with Phil a theme shouldn't / won't really create such issues with links. Permlinks can be tricky so and so's and often a refresh kicks them into action.

    However, you do really need to test this without any plugins there could be some cache / other plugin being a problem that won't seem obvious until it's gone.

  • Jeff Sebring
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I figured it out. It was only WP-Sticky. I'm soo glad it wasn't Yoast WordPress SEO or w3TC . . .

    Thanks for the very fast replies on my first question. This is very encouraging as a new enthusiastic WMPU customer. I'll try to return the favor.

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