Marketpress Help - Any1 Know how to call the values (total amount, shipping amt, item descr etc)

Hello :slight_smile: I'm trying to edit marketpress so I can send the transaction to the server (and not keep it on my site requiring an ssl certificate). I successfully did this with the old version of marketpress but I can not figure it out at all with the new versions.

Im able to send all the customizing info to (like the receipt page header/footer, return URL, etc..) But I can not figure out what the strings are for the amount, shipping charges, item descriptions etc..

On the old version I think it was real basic like $total = $total + $shipping_price;
lol. and I can just assign $total to the value that needed, but on the last two versions, Im not even able to understand how to find it ($total no longer works) I see a few functions in template-functions.php that look like they probably contain the info, but I just don't know how to pull it out of there. (maybe: function _mp_cart_table or function _mp_cart_shipping)..

Im hoping somebody can help. :slight_smile: