MarketPress: Help using Custom Post Type List Shortcode plugin

I've been testing the Custom Post Type List Shortcode plugin by Blackbird Interactive (available from the plugin library) with MarketPress. It has many more attributes than MarketPress's own mp_list_products shortcode, and thus is a lot more versatile. One (significant) problem I've run into, however, is that its category attribute doesn't work -- whenever I use it, I get a "no products found" error. I've contacted the author about this, but no response as yet. So I wonder if anyone else is using this otherwise very handy plugin with MarketPress, and if they are having any success with the category attribute. Or, perhaps, if anyone can suggest why this one attribute doesn't work, in contrast to the many others that do.

  • DavidM

    Hi Robert,

    That's an excellent plugin right there, though it looks to me like it doesn't properly support taxonomies, which 'product category' is. Really, only regular posts technically have 'categories', custom post types use 'taxonomies', whereas 'category' is a 'taxonomy' the regular posts use.

    So I think the issue surrounds the lack of taxonomy support with that plugin.

    Perhaps though, the taxonomy list shortcode plugin will suffice?

    I recall there being another one similar to it as well, I just can't remember the name right now. But hopefully that one will help. :slight_smile:


  • Robert


    Although it doesn't do what I am trying to do, Taxonomy List Shortcode plugin is pretty neat. Gives me some ideas I hadn't thought of before. And it does indeed recognize MarketPress's product taxonomy.

    Which makes it all the more odd that the Custom Post Type List Shortcode plugin (which does pretty much do what I want -- eg, display nicely resized featured image thumbnails) does not seem to recognize MarketPress's product taxonomy. It is, after all, a shortcode for use with custom post types. It says you can specify categories. What categories would it think I want to specify if not the ones associated with the custom post type? I have to imagine this is a bug, not a feature.

    I have a question up for the author on the WP forums; still no answer yet. Fingers crossed. Would be great if I can get it to work.

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