MarketPress: How to get Market Press working with our CI Design

Hi I hope you are still up :slight_smile:

We are using Jobs and experts and want to setup the credit system but the display of the product does not match our CI..

Looks pretty awfull

How can we achieve a look like

also in categories automatically a strange category got created called je-credit - how to modify that so that people know what is actually meant.


Is there a way to use the same settings also for classifieds, appointents+, events, pro-sites etc.?

People buy credits and they can use it to use some or all of our products.



  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Andi,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question.

    I checked all the pages in question. I can see that the most significant difference between the first one and the rest of them is that there's no "image header" there. Is this what you are referring to or are there some other aspects/parts of the design as well?

    Let me know please. I'm asking this because the first page is the "product" page but those other ones are other types of content so I'm not sure what should I compare :slight_smile:

    As for a "strange category". You are using MarketPress with "Jobs & Experts" and J&E credits are MarketPress products. They are automatically added to the "je-credits" category. You can rename that category to your liking by going to "Store Settings -> Product Categories" page and clicking "Edit" under the "je-credits" category name.

    Best regards,

  • Andi
    • The Exporter

    Hi Adam

    I would like to have NOT the left sidebar and a way to have the header look like the one you see there on the main page with the buttons on top.

    On the WPMUDEV site it looks actually like we want to have it. You have a top banner with the buttons on.
    Below you have the content (we perhaps like to make here 2/3 1/3 to have the 1/3 part for ads but possible would be also inline.

    We don't need the sidebar to display articles latest posts i.e. on the course or jobs expert pages but on the jobs experts pages we think about putting latest jobs into the 1/3 part in courses perhaps the latest courses etc. but also not always on all pages.

    The problem is that we need to monetize the site to ensure the future dev and of course also membership at wpmudev. Membership would be one way, fundraising another and ads is the third splitted in ads direct and google ads.

    That is what we try to achieve and the look should be in one CI

    Kind regards


  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hey there Andi,

    hope you're doing good and don't mind me jumping in here! :slight_smile:

    In order to change MarketPress single product pages, you can follow 2 different approaches.

    One would be to create custom templates in your child-theme (consider building one if not already) and use the info provided in Store settings -> Presentation -> General settings

    More details on advanced themeing can be found here:
    Although this may need some extended PHP & HTML knowledge so you may have to hire a developer fo building those templates. You can always advise our Jobs&Pros sections for that.

    Another way, maybe easier to accomplish but more difficult to maintain, would be to create custom pages for products instead of using the default ones. So you should be able to make adjustments just like you did in with some extra elements for header image etc, and use a [mp_product] shortcode in content area.
    You can use the shortcode "builder" which is visible in every edit page as long as the default WP editor is in place. This can become handy on getting the appropriate shortcode arguments that you might need.

    For having different sidebars across your site, you can always use our Custom Sidebars Pro plugin and create conditionals for single products or other pages/archives etc.

    Hope that was some help, take care,
    Dimitris :slight_smile:

  • Andi
    • The Exporter

    Hi Dimitris

    this is very helpful thanks

    Global Listings - Will only work on main site/blog
    Product List Page

    So we can pull products from all sub-sites and display them on the mainsite. Does the market press plugin has to be network activated to get that running or do we need to activate it on each single site and on the main site even the shops are actually placed on sub sites?


  • Andi
    • The Exporter

    Hi Adam

    Good morning

    Could you please get in contact with the developer of the MarketPress Theme and ask him for a Timeframe when he will release the Upfront Theme for MarketPress. I think this would help much more as I heard now often that people are moving to other Drag and Drop Builders and even moving away from WPMUDEV only because the Upfront stuff is not working with WPMUDEV plugins.

    We can't wait to long as our customers actually moved to WPMUDEV because they thought that all those plugins would work together, what is unfortunately not the case. Also we got stuck if people want to contribute as it is only via the support Threads and Waiting until something happens - without knowing timeframes.

    I will try the approach to get an etsy style up and running

    Let you know how it works



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