Marketpress, how to turn off featured image on product single page

I want to know how to turn off featured image, so it won't show up in single product page. or/and how to delete the float:left, i'm trying to find the css, but can't find one. so if the featured image still on, it's not text-wrap. i want to put carousel, and float:left on featured image ruin the script. thx

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey Denny!

    It's really easy to tweak the display by playing around with the CSS - here's some tips!

    If you're using Firefox as your web browser, download the excellent Firebug extension from and that'll allow you to click on elements of your theme and see which CSS rules are applied.

    On Google Chrome, simply right-click on an element and click Inspect Element.

    If you're not using either of those browsers we suggest you start :slight_smile:

    You can add new styles into your theme style.css in order to over-ride the standard CSS included in your theme or in plugins.

    To hide an element you can use CSS like this;

    #element-id {
        display: none;
        visibility: hidden;

    I hope that helps!


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