MarketPress Import of products

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1) Do I need to install WP e-commerce in order to import products?

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Importing from WP e-commerce:
As of MarketPress 2.1 you can now import products directly from WP e-Commerce 3.8+- and it couldn’t be any easier.
1. Make sure you have both the WP e-Commerce and MarketPress plugins activated.
2. In Site Admin » Products » Store Settings you’ll see a new tab entitled “WP e-Commerce Importer”
3. Click ‘Import Now’.
4. That’s it! You should see a success message letting you know the process has been completed.

2) Can I import other types of files than .csv? Like .xml...?

3) Does the (my) store reflect changes in the suppliers product range/supplies, if I upload a .csv file?

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