marketpress - importer; how to bulk ad image?

im using the csv importer for the marketpress full version and im successful in adding the products in, but i can't seem to find a way to add the product images in by bulk?

the example csv provided gives these column headings:

Product 1,Sample product description,32432432,112.04,69.99,"Tag 1, Tag 2","Cool Stuff, Red Stuff",,,,1,,
Product 2,Sample product description,321321321,0.12,,Tag 2,"Cool Stuff, Red Stuff",2,,,,3,
Product 3,Sample product description,23232,3.21,2.983,Another,Red Stuff,,,,,,3
Product 4,Sample product description,,1123.34,,test,"Cool Stuff, Red Stuff",4,,,,2.19,
Product 5,Sample product description,657657657,15,,,Red Stuff,5,,,3,,1.3

i've tried the img url path under the "external_link" column but that is for an external link download.

i don't see a point to a bulk uploader if i have to go in image by image just to change the 1 attribute. either way any help is much appreciated!