Marketpress in a bilingual environment

Hi all,

I was getting ready to implement an online store using Opencart, because after playing with it for a while, I discovered that with a simple module install, it becomes truly bilingual. Enter English text; hit a tab, enter French text. And clients can switch easily from one language to the other without much dev on my part.

This is good but from an SEO standoint the meshing of both languages is not ideal because Google doesn’t like it when there are two languages in the same folder. Ideally, we should have store/en and store/fr.

Additionally, Opencart doesn’t have an easy solution for WordPress integration, and not having any wordpress seemed to go against the nature of the current project.

To make a long story short… (too late)

Before I start digging into Marketpress, can it do the following:

1. Allow the store to be in two languages, in separate directories : ../store/en and ../store/fr ?

2. Can it share the same product database? (knowledge of stock levels.)

3. And can I make it bilingual? (We are in Quebec and bilingualism is not an option. :wink:

4. Can it support a large amount of products (think toy store) ?

Thanks in advance,