Marketpress individual product image not displaying

Marketpress v: 3.2
WPMUDEV v: 4.0.4

On my mp_product.php page, where I display a single product on click-through from the list/grid view my product image is no longer showing

I have tried both the shortcode internally and externally
<?php mp_product_image( true, 'single' ); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode('[mp_product_image product_id="' .$the_ID. '"]'); ?>
along with on the page via WordPress admin backend
[mp_product_image product_id="60"]

This has been ever since updating to v3 of marketpress from v2, and seems to be the only issue on this site. The images display fine on the product grid view and are visible in the product edit page in admin

support access is currently active: Access active until 6:11pm in 5 days (you can try adding into a specific product via shortcode to test that) sftp access will not be granted at this time until a reason is given for need

  • Nastia

    Hello Monte , hope you're doing well!

    Please update to the latest version of the MarketPress plugin to see if this will fix the images?

    I've imported your products to my site, and the images weren't imported. I've checked the images, and the images permalink is pointing to a product page. The images should have its own links, so this is might be a reason why the images are not showing. The importer is not locating the images, so these can't be imported.

    I've upload few images directly to the media library and the images still weren't showing, so it looks like its an issue with a theme or a conflict with another plugin.

    Would you please deactivate all the plugins, upload an image through the Media Library and view this image? If everything is well, activate one plugin at the time to find the plugin that causing this.

    If the images s not showing, switch to a default WordPress theme and check if the image is showing up.

    Let me know how it went!

    Kind regards,

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