Marketpress installation (rating + percentage + set-up fees + global statistics)

Hi everybody. I suscribed recently and I am starting using all your amazing plugins. Thanks for that job it is really great. I have few problems that I can't go through, and I really need your help please.

What I try to do: I am building a website that local shops can suscribe and sell their product on ONE UNIQUE site, with a global cart (mandatory). I want them to pay when they register (like $100 set up fees for example) then I want to take a percentage of the sales, or if this is not possible I would like to replace the percentage by a monthly payment like 10$/month. I want the customer to be able to rate the products. I did what you all say to do: MU installation + Marketpress + new blog template + Limit Blogs per User + WPMU MarketPress Allow Comments + GD rating star. So obviously every shop created automatically have the same theme as the main site so that it is transparent for the customer. All of this works BUT:

Q1: I want to take a percentage of the sales but I want to use the Global cart. I saw there is a way (very complex for me by the way) to do it without the global cart by going through the paypal api thing etc. But I want to use the global cart. Is there a simple way to do it or not yet ? Maybe in the future ? If not, you can consider it as my request, suggestion or whatever you call it. I don't wanna go through the process of creating an API which has to be approved on paypal and everything. Too complex for me, and the limitation of 5 or 10 shops in the cart is a problem for me. Unless we can do it with another payment gateway, if so which one and how ? I incist on the global cart which is very important and mandatory for me. If there is no way to do what I want, then I replace it with a monthly payment like 10$/month for ex.

Q2: I installed GD Rating Star in order to allow my user to rate the products, and allowed the comments to allow them to give an opinion or something. The plugin works well if I go to the store page for example here: (here I am just testing the thing. "superdeal" is the main shop and "test" is a shop that would have suscribed to my site to sell its own product). I want to display the result of the rating in the product listing. It works here, but if I go to the main site which display the global products: the rating result does not appear properly. As you can see, it appears only like 10 empty stars instead of for example 3 out of 5.
What I did is: I created a file called "rate.php" in \wp-content\themes\framemarket\library\functions\ and put this code:


	$postRatingData = wp_gdsr_rating_article($product->post_id);
			"max_value" => gdsr_settings_get('stars'),
			"size" => 12,
			"vote" => $postRatingData->rating


Then I call it in marketpres.php (same folder) with this code inserted after line 323 which says $content.=$price;

//rating product
		require 'rate.php';
		$output = ob_get_clean();

	   $content .= $output;

How can I make this works on the global product listing ? (same problems with the global tags)

Q3: I want to charge the shop that suscribe to my system in 2 ways:
When they register to my site, which means they create a shop, I want them to pay $100 (for example) before beeing allowed to add their product. They just have to pay it once, and that's it. From that they can add their products and I take a percentage (if possible, this is Q1), OR a monthly payment, I know I can use Pro Sites for that, but this one does not allow to charge a set-up fee + a monthly basis, it only the monthly thing, am I correct ? Please how can I do that ?

Q4: I need global statistics about the sales, by shop, by product, and in total. I installed Marketpress statistics which is really good. For each shop I have to go to their dashboard and I have their statistics. But I would like to have global statistics like the total sales of all shops, the best products, which shop is the best one etc. I saw somewhere that I have to use Google Analytics for that. I have a GA account, but can someone explain me (step by step please) the process to make it works and how and where do I get the sales statistics on GA ? Because I can see for example the visitors etc, but what about the sales, the shops and the products ? How do I set it all up ?

I know I ask too many things but I am reading thousands of topics in this forum for the last 3 days, most of them are old (1 or 2years ago) and I couldn't find or understand answers to my above questions. Thank you very much in advance for your further help. I am not really good developper, I just understand the basic things. I had a very hard time to manage to do what I already did and all of that looks really complex for me. Please Help ! Sorry If I missed something or missunderstood another topics that answer my questions.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @rmmedia

    I hope you are well today, with regards to question number 1, you would have to create the PayPal APP id to use PayPal chained payments, it does look a little daunting to set up, Have a look at this thread here

    Question 2: Are you using the TT Front end tutorial with regards to the GD star ratings?

    Question 3: If you a WHM account, you can use our WHMCS plugin with pro sites integration to charge a one time fee, have a look at this thread

    Question 4: You want Global sales numbers etc through Google Analytics?

    No problem! About all the questions, we're here to help :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • rmmedia

    Hi Jack, thanks for your answer.

    About Q1, I don't want to use paypal chained payments because I can't use it with global cart. By the way, I already tried to set it up, it is like chinese for me, even with the tutorials. The global cart is not negociable in my case I need to use it. Is there anyway to take a percentage through another payment gateway ?

    Question 2: I used the TT front end tutorial, but the rating plugin furnished with it does not work like I want, so I try to replace it with GD star ratings. I did not used the plugin to make everything in the front end (I don't want to buy it, I already spent too much money on the themes and plugins that I bought).

    Question 3: Yes I have a WHM account working with Cpanel. But I don't have WHCMS. I had a look at the link you gave me, but I don't really understand what I have to do, it seems to be a manual process. Can we do something automatic ? like they pay $100 when they register + 10$/month ? I was thinking about putting a paypal button in the mail they receive to confirm the registration and to explain them they have to pay 100$, then I would be able to validate their monthly suscription or something. I don't know How do you think I should do this ?
    Please can you explain me simply and step by step what I have to do ? I didn't understand the link you sent me.
    I need something simple with the minimum of manual process. A set-up fee + one between "percentage of sales" and "10$/month".

    Question 4: I want the global statistic, I don't care if it is through Google analytics or through another plugin. I just want to be able to see in one click a general overview of the global shop. Otherwise I have to check each shop one by one. If I have 2 or 3 it is ok, but if I have 200 shops (which is my case), it is not convenient.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @rmmedia

    Question 1: Understood on that, I'm afraid there isn't another payment gateway that you could use to charge a %.

    Question 2: I'm sorry but this will require custom coding, it's worth noting that by default GD star ratings has 10 stars, could I get a screenshot of your settings please? I'm afraid we don't support custom coding, I will help if I can, but this may be more complex then it first appears to get the code to work on the main site. You could try posting a job on the WPMU DEV job board or try the guys at

    Question 3: Yes that option would be manual, you could do that with adding a PayPal button to the emails that your users receive, but then you'll have to manage it, like how long do you give them to pay the fee, do you cancel their site or keep it in case they decide to re-join, etc, plus your users may not like having a charge added on after they've signed up. You could use our membership plugin to restrict the wp-signup.php form where they would sign up for a site, till they purchase the one time payment subscription that would be set up with the membership plugin.

    Question 4: I've taken a look and it doesn't appear that this is possible out of the box to actually get the sales data, have you seen this thread here ?

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards

  • rmmedia

    Thanks for your answer.

    Q1: Ok, then I will do the monthly payment with pro-sites.

    Q2: There are about 10 tabs of settings with a lot of things. Which settings do you want to see ? I don't think the code is that complex. It is probably something about how to select the rating from the database properly. I will try to analyse how it is saved in the db, how it is related to the product, and in the worst case, I will code my own mysql request. But I'm afraid to make something not secure.

    Q3: The membership plugin that you suggested is a good option, thank you for this idea :slight_smile:

    Q4: So if I understand correctly the topic you gave me the link, I have to use a single GA standard installation that I would have to put everywhere in the network ? For example using this trick: I can put that in the default template for new vendors, what do you think ?

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @rmmedia,

    I hope you are well today

    Question 1: Great :slight_smile:

    Question 2: I'm afraid I want to see them all, if you'd rather you can send me Admin login info via our secure contact form here

    - Mark to my attention
    - Link back to this thread
    - Include admin/network access
    - Include any relevant URLS for your site

    The code for GD star ratings is quite complex, but it would be a case of going through the code and finding the correct hooks & filters, have you contacted the plugin developer at all?

    Question 3: No problem, happy to help :slight_smile:

    Question 4: Yes that sounds correct, you also may want to try our Multisite Analytics plugin here

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV member and have a great day.

    Kind Regards

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