MARKETPRESS INTEGRATION: correct service price not being added to the cart

---> our logic explanation:

1 product post = 1 service provider

this website is about teachers to support school students

you search the teacher you need via the searchform in the sidebar
filtering with the courses you need, the grade and the district
(all these are custom taxonomies added to the product custom post type)

here's a product post example (service provider post)

---> issue explanation:

in the service selection box we have only changed the duration of the service
(the service is the same always = teaching at home service)

for each service we have a different price
f.e. 1 hour = 20$
2 hours = 35$
and so on


the problem is that the system only recognizes the first service price in the list.
when you select the second one or the third one,
the hours in the calendar do change correctly
the duration of the service in the form also changes correctly
a variation in the product-post is created with the appointment ID as a name,
the number of the service (1,2,3,4,etc) as the SKU
the price also is correctly added in the variation

but the price in the cart is always the same of the first service in the dropdown select box.

2) also.
the variations in the product post are growing endessly.
everytime an appointment is reserved and added to the cart,
a new variation is added to the product post.
this in another issue too.

3) also.
when you add an appointment,
only the first one is being added as a product with it's name ID date and time,
but the second, third, and fourth one (an so on) are not.
they're simply handed as a quantity amount



Thanks for the support.

We need to solve this in order to get the site working