MARKETPRESS INTEGRATION: shopping cart widget customization

---> our logic explanation:

1 product post = 1 service provider

this website is about teachers to support school students

you search the teacher you need via the searchform in the sidebar
filtering with the courses you need, the grade and the district
(all these are custom taxonomies added to the product custom post type)

here's a product post example (service provider post)

---> issue explanation:

1) show only the total amount of appointments

I've edited the funcion in marketpress.php
for it only to show the total quantity of appointments
using this function
$cant = mp_items_count_in_cart();

the idea is to have the cart widget in the header showing only the amount of appoinments
and when the user clics on this cart, then he's redirected to the shopping cart page

2) amount should update without refreshing the page

it works, but it doesn't updates as the cart-widget product quantity does.
maybe it's because some Ajax thing.
can you help me with this?

3) add-to-cart button #anchor

We need to have an anchor in the add-to-cart button
so the page scrolls from the bottom to the top
where the cart widget is located

Thanks for the support

  • Vaughan


    thanks for posting.

    unfortunately this is quite some custom work you are doing, i'm not sure i'm able to help here, especially with #1 & #2 as I don't have any experience of Ajax to that extent. I understand the concepts but not the hows.

    you might be able to find a developer over at who could help with all this.


    anchors are quite easy if you just want a top/bottom

    add a you're now at the top to the top of the page template where you want it.

    then at the bottom use take me to top

    now whenever someone clicks take me to top, it'll scroll up to where you placed the top marker.

    but if you want to add it to the button, that might be different, you may need to set an onclick event.

    i'm not so good with javascript though. but someone over at wpmu-jobs should be able to help with this.

    hope this helps.

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