Marketpress international shipping – different rates per item

I love how MarketPress gives you options in the Store settings for shipping rates for the US, Alaska & Hawaii, Canada, and International.

I also love how you can add “extra shipping” costs per item.

But we’ve got a case where a client is shipping different sized items internationally. Some is cheap — $3 or less. Some is expensive — $16 or more.

Case 1 – A book costs $4 US, $6 Canada, and $16 international

Case 2 – A keychain costs $1.39 US, $1.49 Canada, and $2.28 international

I can’t find a way to make the numbers work for setting shipping rates at the store level. How can we add additional boxes to the individual items page for extra shipping?

Instead of one box for “extra” shipping, can you add the same 4 boxes for Lower 48 States, Alaska/Hawaii, Canada, and International?

  • nickd32
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @aaron – just got another client who this is affecting. They’re selling DVDs in packs of 25 (need to charge $42 int’l shipping) and packs of 1 (need to charge $14 int’l shipping).

    Really need a way to way to specify “Extra International Shipping” on a per-item basis. Is that something I can write a quick plugin to augment Marketpress with?

    Or should it really be wrapped into the main code?

  • nickd32
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Finally dug into the code myself and modified the Flat Rate plugin to allow for better per-item international shipping options.

    Anybody wanna test this for me?

    Here is the code. Just change the .TXT ending to .PHP and drop the file into this folder:


    On the MarketPress >> Store Settings >> Payments page, you’ll see a new shipping option in the drop-down menu called “Flat Rate Intl” (for international)

  • marcusjwilson
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @nickd32 – I’m looking to extend MarketPress shipping in a similar way. My client is based in the UK, and we want to specify a per-product shipping rate for UK, EU and Worldwide shipping.

    Can your shipping plugin be customised to provide this functionality? If so, could you be commissioned to provide required amendments?

    Best wishes

  • Ben
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks for making this available but I just installed it and although Flat Rate Intl appears as a shipping method, nothing else appears to change… still the same 2 fields for In Country & International options as for Flat Rate with the same values?

    Have I missed something?


  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi all,

    Marketpress needs A LOT more shipping functions if its going to compete with other ecommerce platforms. Also the ability for customers to choose shipping options like “Next Day” rather than just standard. If a customer is logged in it could also grab their location thus only offering international shipping if they are not in the shops country.

    There should be:

    Per Item

    Per Weight


    Next Day

    Special Delivery

    etc etc etc

    I read above anout Marketpress having plugins? Is there any documentation I can read on this as I might try and develop or get some shipping options developed.


  • nickd32
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @thepath — look in the marketpress plugin folder here:


    In there you’ll find a file called plugin-template.php — use that to develop whatever shipping plugins you want. That’s how I developed mine.

  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    Thanks nick.

    I did see that after I posted and also just found your mp plugins, so thanks for that. I will probably have a bash at something.

    I want to change the store homepage as it seems very basic to me after working with software such as Opencart. Im wondering if you have any tips on perhaps adding things like most purchased, most viewed, featured items etc. I take it this will all take custom coding?

    Im just looking into MP now so not quite sure where everything is and how it works but Im sure I will get there and hopefully be able to contribute soon.



    ps sent you point for your plugins

  • Ronald
    • The Crimson Coder

    Agree with the above writers: MarketPress is a nice plugin but it needs more shipping-rate possibilities.

    Only flat is way too simple.

    What I need is shipping rate Per Amout, so I can give customers free shipping when they order above a certain amount.

    Something that’s standard built-in the Shopp plugin I’ve used before,

    (Want the code?)

    How can I request this for the next release?

  • Max
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Has anyone been able to get or develop a grid based shipping plugin that goes off product weight? This would be the best for most things that I can think of – obviously free/discount shipping above a value is very common also.

    Even if we could just set rates by state/province/zone it would be greatly helpful.

    Something LIKE this plugin, but perhaps being able to set a rate for each “zone” (like country) in global and then within each product – so the fields would not just be “local zone” and “outside zone” – it would be “local zone, zone1, zone2, zone3, etc” Each zone could be . . . a country, a state, a locality, etc…

    Global cart seems to now be working, but without something like above it is still an unusable system for most “traditional” businesses. Hope there is something promising being developed or on the horizon – willing to collaborate with others on this also…

  • camparoo
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    nickd32 – I just threw this into the newest version of Marketpress (the beta version) and you'll see that it doesn't add any extra fields. Am I missing something, or will this no longer work with the next version of Marketpress?

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