marketpress is breaking Headway leaf plugin Excerpts+ v2

I am building a network of site on the headway platform and use the Excerpts+ leaf to display sliders on the main page.

I recently purchased a membership to your site and installed marketpress. It broke my main page which was using the Excerpts+ leaf.

I checked all my plugins and pinpointed it to a conflict between marketpress and Excerpts+. I have already informed the developer of the plugin of the issue at headway. They recommended I inform you as well.

The site is:

The error is:

Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home/jnv1/ on line 27

I know your two companies have a good working relationship (that's how I found you guys) and I love your products, but since I am paying for both of your services, I'd love for them to work together.

I appreciate any help you can give in this matter.