MarketPress is including details of the wrong order on confirmation page

I just received an email from a customer who placed an order with me. Her order went through fine. She was charged correctly. The email confirmation came through correct. BUT the order confirmation page on my site gave her the details of the order placed immadiately before hers. When she clicked on the Track order link on that confimation page - it gave her all the details of the same order - the one placed just before her order - including the name and address of the other customer.

This is just one of many problems I'm having with MarketPress today. I already chimed in on someone else's thread about getting low inventory notifications on items where inventory is not checked - they're digital patterns so I don't track inventory levels on them.

I also discovered a problem with any item where I had shortcode inserted to show other, similar, items at the end of the listing. When people tried to add the main listing to their cart, it added instead whatever the last item was in the randomized list generated by the shortcode. I deleted the shortcode from all those items and I'm still having people say they're not working right. I just purged my cache on them and I'm waiting to hear back to see if that's helped.

I'm running MarketPress version The first thing I checked this morning when I started getting all the problem emails was to see if there was an update I needed to run - and there was nothing. But now I see there's an update to version Was there a recent update that messed everything up and the new update will fix it? Help please!