MarketPress Is not hidding (filtering) content Please help

I am using the Membership plugin with MarketPress. I have 3 products on one page. All the products are the same but are different prices. I am using the Membership plugin to filter out what members can access. free members can only access product 1, membership level 1 can access the first and second product, membership level 2 can access all 3 products.

I am using shortcodes in my product categories to display the 3 products on one page. Here is the setup:
[mp_product_grid category="free-member"]
[mp_product_grid category="member-level1"]
[mp_product_grid category="member-lever2"]

This currently display all three products correctly

In the Membership plugin under edit options I add the three codes I have above as a custom shortcode. and under the edit levels I selected free members and with in the positive rules I selected the page to show where my products are. I also selected the free-members short code. I created to more levels and I selected the same options as I did with the free-member however I selected additional shortcode options. for member with level one I selected the short code with member-lever 1 and for members with level 2 access I selected the member-level-2.

In the membership plugin edit options page I selected all shortcode and be seen by default. I had a problem so I choice the other option and had the same problem. So here is the problem.
I make a custom message that state you have to login or register for access

So here is the problem:
If you go to the page where I have the products, as a free member it is showing all products. Nothing is being filtered. (hidden)
If I change the option in the edit options to Yes all shortcode can be seen by default and then go to the products page it show login or register for an account for all three products.
What do I need to do to fix this problem. Is there another way I can set this up without creating 3 different pages for each product.
I am using the farm-133 iblog theme. select unlock codes and in the drop down select provider codes to see an example