MarketPress is suddenly not working? A customer just made

MarketPress is suddenly not working? A customer just made a $200 purchase and it is not showing up as a sale. The customer claims to have paid but funds have not been credited to my PayPal account? This is a valued repeat customer so I have no reason to doubt them.

Also, I just noticed that if I select an item from my eStore, it initially shows up in the sidebar widget, but when I select “checkout” the item disappears from my cart.

What is happening here. Please help ASAP.



  • Mapleseed Gallery
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Further to above…

    I still haven’t figured out the missing order and payment.

    I tried a test purchase ($0.01 and it went through OK.

    However, Marketpress seems somewhat messed up with lots of very strange results depending on what order you do things in. In my $0.01 test, it did a straight add to cart and purchase and as I said, it worked. However, if you add something to your cart, and then either accidentally or on purpose, back out of the shopping cart by going to another page… the shopping cart disappears from the sidebar and the item count at the top of the page goes to 0. However if you try to reselect the same item, it tells you that the item is out of stock… if you then select a different product, both suddenly appear in the shopping cart.

    This is really weird and is causing me a lot of worry because my site is live. I have already had a customer complaint (and a missing order and $$$). I have had now choice but to temporarily take the eStore offline.

    Not sure what to do next but would really like to get the store back up and running ASAP. Any ideas?

    By the way… I tried to replicate the problem in my offline test site and but everything seems to be running fine there. The only recent changes I made to my live site were to add the suggestions made by Vaughan in the post at and to update the List Categories plugin. (Both of which I also did in the offline test site and things look good there.)

  • Vinod Dalvi
    • WP Unicorn

    Hi Irwin,

    Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.

    I have tested it on my test site using latest version of MarketPress plugin but couldn’t reproduce the problem that you are having.

    I think this may be causing on your live site due to WP Super Cache plugin so could you please try clearing cache from it or temporary deactivating it as described on the following page?

    Best Regards,

    Vinod Dalvi

  • Mapleseed Gallery
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Vinod

    Thanks so much. Sorry about the rant last night. I was feeling particularly frustrated at loosing a couple of sales and at the prospect of not being successful at tracing what happened to the missing order and $200 payment (which I am still working on).

    I did as you suggested and things seem to be back to normal. I have been able to add and remove items from the shopping cart while flipping back and forth to other pages and so far every thing looks good. I will do a little more testing and will advise if I find any remaining issues.

    Thanks again for your assistance. Once more question: You suggested temporarily deactivating the WP Super Cache plugin… If I were to reactive it, wouldn’t the same problem occur? Given the recent issue, is there any real benefit in me trying to use the super cache plugin again?

    Best regards


  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    Just a word of warning re Cache and ecommerce.

    If you are to use any cache and exclude pages do not be surprised at continued and ongoing problems – Customers will have other customer details – incorrect products and incorrect cart trasactions.

    You Cannot cache dynamic pages successfully in any event.

    So things like Ecommerce should never be cached via a plugin.

    While some users profess to have minimal success with excluding pages it has been my experience this is never successful and you will always be chasing ghost events.

    If you must use a cache plugin you may be able to exclude Marketpress altogether

    If you choose not to use the plugin you MUST deactivate it explicitly in the way it describes or you will be left with remnant commands and access issue that you will never trace.

    ie: do not just deactivate and delete.. VERY IMPORTANT

  • Mapleseed Gallery
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Bojan

    Thanks for the info. I deactivated and then deinstalled the Super Cache plug in (using the detailed instructions) and finally got Marketpress working again. After all the problems I had, I am a little gun-shy to try it again. Marketpress (and everything else) seems to be working great now so I won’t tempt fate :slight_smile:

    Take care


  • Mapleseed Gallery
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Be

    Thanks for the detailed comments. I did make sure to carefully follow the instructions to deactivate and deinstall the cache plugin. As I said to Bojan in the previous comment, I am not going to tempt fate and think I’ll move forward without a caching plugin. Thanks again for the help.



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