Marketpress Issue (Timeouts)


I'm having an issue with Marketpress. The site works ok, but upon checkout, it hangs. This site listed (/store) is a new install I setup (Fresh install) with out any other plugins to interfere.

I've determined it just seems to be running extremely inefficiently and timing out. Even other Wordpress tasks are running slow now. (Such as moving ~25 pages to trash times out)

I'm assuming it's because of the way it's handling all the products I have (~nearly 400 products, each with ~6 variations) which comes to ~3000 items in wp_post and ~80000 items in wp_postmeta.

To make sure it was a timeout issue/something of that ilk I ran the site on DesktopServer and just let it run. It took ~1 minute upon checkout for admin-ajax to respond back and for the order process to complete. Now on the hosted site, it just times out after 30 seconds or so (Either way, waiting that long isn't really feasible)

The Stripe aspect works fine, Stripe gets the transaction just fine, and replies just fine. The request headers to admin-ajax are constructed fine, it just times out on admin-ajaxs end.