Marketpress Issues – Digital Downloads


I simply want to give away my plugin for free, using Marketpress.

Problems encountered so far:

– A new user tries to check it out but gets the message: Sorry, there is a per order limit of 1 for “Tradr Products 1.1”. They are selecting 1 but this message still occurs

– I can’t supply the buyer with different compression formats ie: tar, zip (windows), rar, zip (mac)

– I can’t supply for the same product previous download versions. ie: 1.1, 1.11

– They had to enter shipping details (fixed in latest release)

– It is FREE !!! Yet, if the order has the “sorry there is a per order limit…” error it says please choose payment method. IF the product is 0.00 in price, can the 0.00 be replaced by the word ‘FREE’ and be handled a little different by marketpress?