MarketPress listing deleted products in global products widget and widget overflow issues

MarketPress is pretty neat but having a few issues on me.

When using the Global Products Widget on the home blog, it lists products deleted on a multi-site blog and produces a 404. Trash is empty and other changes show instantly.

I changed the home, BuddyPress and muti-site blogs' themes to no effect.

I recreated the product and deleted with the same path, no effect.


Also, I have noticed the various MarketPress widgets' spacing tends to be very tight between other widgets and within it own listing sometimes interfering with the title wrap. Often the Buy Now button overlaps into the next item or widget even.

On some themes it fails more badly than others. Any chance of some tool to better align the widget contents for aesthetic purposes so end user can tweak spacing without hitting the css or php? Spacing, padding to move it in the widget area as needed by the them.

Any documentation to show store owners what receipts/steps that happen as a customer and store owner with payment? Purchase screen shots in action and result? What billing shows/produced as to where purchases originate (API) without experimenting with chained payments to address basic functionality beyond tutorial?

  • Mason

    Hiya Louis,

    I'll ask Aaron to chime in here as well, but as to the products not being removed from the Global Product Widget that is odd. I've tested this out myself and am not seeing this error. If I put a product in the trash, it is immediately removed from product listing. Restoring it brings it back.

    What version of MarketPress, WordPress and BuddyPress are you using? Can we have a link to the site?

    The styling for the sidebar is mostly taken care of by the theme so for now you'll need to edit those styles in your CSS same way you would any other theme styling, but this may be something we can look at putting options for in the future.

    If this is your first setup, I'd recommend getting a paypal sandbox account and doing a few sample transactions to see what the process will be like for your customers. It's a worthwhile experience and using a sandbox account won't cost either. :smiley:


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