MarketPress: Make /store/products only show catagories

How can I go about making this page only show a picture, and catagory name, vs displaying all products that are available in the store? Looking at the Theming MarketPress file, I have not been enlightened, other then I can create a mp_products.php, but that seems it would then make each product page the same, which is not what I am looking for, and I have no idea what belongs in mp_products.php to make it simiar to where ever the default values are, so the page really breaks at that point.

the only example I saw here in the forums was to use a catagory.php, and rename / then modify, which does display things, but no longer has the correct markup for marketpress.

So to clarify, this is really two questions:

1) How can I change the default page without having to change it for all pages / creating seperate mp_category-whatever.php files, or do I just hide the link to Products and create my own page

2) Where can I find the code to generate these lists, as it exists in MarketPress, so I don’t need to reinvent the wheel?

ie: I’d like to copy the default code to my customized mp_catagory.php, have it work exactly the way it does now, css/html markup etc, so I can then work on making it do what I want, such as not listing products from a sub catagory in the parents page.