MarketPress messing with permalinks?

I’m putting together a site for a client, using MarketPress in catalog mode, and every time I made an adjustment to the store settings (trying to get the thumbnail displays just so), it would cause the permalinks for the portfolio to start throwing 404 errors.

So every time I make an adjustment in the store settings, I also have to re-save the Permalinks settings to keep the other links working.

I don’t recall having to do this all the time previously, so it’s a concern that it’s happening now.

Using WP 3.6, Genesis 2.0.1, MarketPress 2.8.7, and the Prestige theme from ZigZagPress. My first dive into a fully HTML5 site.

It’s not 100% finished yet:

and for my next trick, figuring out how to remove the post info and post meta from just the MarketPress products and pages :slight_smile: