MarketPress: Minimum Order Quantity and other Features I'd Like to See

MarketPress is one of the best shopping carts for WordPress because it is easy to use and integrates well with WordPress but it's missing some basic features. For example:

1) The ability to specify a minimum order quantity for a single product or the total shopping cart,
2) A grid layout shortcut for products,
3) The option to completely decide what is and isn't in the navbar menu,
4) A built in slideshow to show off products,
5) The ability to connect related products for automatic display/recommendation,
6) Option to set special offers such as 'buy 2 get one free' (I know coupons can be set),
7) Facility to set multiple product variation combinations to make it easy to list one product in several colors with multiple sizes e.g (large, medium, small)*(yellow, green, blue) top,
8) A way to customize whether the 'Buy Now' button is shown or not regardless of whether a listed product has variations.

Will any of the above features be added to MarketPress or are they already there but I've missed them?

I love the plugin but sometimes I just wish it had a little bit more oomph :slight_smile: