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I'm gonna try to identify thing´s that from my point of view are missing in Marketpress and that they shoul be a must. Ive bought and isntalled almost every shoppingcart in the market (starting from virtuemart, prestashop, WP e-commerce, and many others). run away from them for various reasons, but basically due to the lack of support and/or the imposibillity to change or suggest things, not even mentioning the fact that you have to pay for every step you make.

Here is myshort initial wishlist

1.- The fact that you have a separate theme makes it very dificult to combine your WP and Market styles. For example a new tab could appear into the Products theme settings.
2.- The lack of images to identify categories and subcategories. Selling via Internet is mainly a visual matter.
3.- Tha lack of certain widgets (recently added, On Sale, also bought, Related items, this are the basics....)
4.- A java drag and drop shoppingcart. Even this is not a must, main competitors of Marketpress have it already.
5.- The abillity to create manufactures and search products under such parameter.
6.- An otimized attributes interface.
7.- The posibilitty to ad custom input regions in the checkout process (for example I need to add a TAX number to include in Invoices).
8.- The posiblitty to introduce any product into a page or blog item, via tags or a banner system (Thats why we are using wordpress and not juts a common e-shop solution)

If I come with other stuff I'll just add them further.

Market press should be focused to small entrepeneurs who don´t want the stress of confronting to a complex solution, just a flexible and easy tool to sell with.

Market press is still in Kindergarden as an e-shop plugin. But I'll stick around with it, mainly due to the support I´ve found here. So let's start making Marketpress a mature, easy, customizable, hazle free plugin.


  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Thanks so much for the suggestions, we'll consider them for future updates.

    5.- The abillity to create manufactures and search products under such parameter.

    You can use tags or categories for this, or attach another taxonomy to the product post type.

    certain widgets (recently added

    You can use the product list widget for that.

  • James Farmer
    • CEO (of WPMU DEV, honest)

    Hi Gonzalo,

    Absolutely, I second Aaron's thanks.

    We'll definitely seriously look into all of these and agree with your focus - we want MarketPress to be both extremely easy to use, but flexible enough (and with enough advanced options as required) to meet any small entrepreneurs needs.

    And also, massively cheaper and with much better support and updates (plus everything else you get with WPMU DEV!)

    Thanks again for the constructive feedback - it's input like this that makes DEV what it is.

    Cheers, James

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