Marketpress mp_productlist loop customization?

I want to customize how the products will display on multiple product pages to show the image first, then thumbnails of attached images (these are product variations) and then list the title and the price. (Screenshot of what I am trying to achieve attached)

I've studied the functions files for framemarket, gridmarket, and marketpress template functions and can't seem to figure out how to do this in a traditional style loop for my page template.

It does not have to be exact like my screenshot, but currently with the products that have multiple variations, marketpress does not show a price – just a choose options button.

Can someone kind of point me in the right direction? I want to make a basic page template (mp_productlist.php?) that will work for whatever the query is (tags, category, etc.) and I am thinking it should be simple format like this below (and not using technical code here!):

start loop – if have posts, get the posts – in the functions files there is a lot of queries going on, so I am most confused with this part. Would it suffice to copy something from a typical archives page in WP and adjust for custom post type? Any examples here would be so helpful!

mp_product_image or wordpress featured image fine too (got this!)

optional: mp_product attachments or php the excerpt or get custom fields (Not worried about the technical code for this and not a priority – just want to easily be able to add it in later)

php the title (got it!)

php mp_show price? – not sure if there is a function reference to hook into?

php end loop – will depend on how loop is started

Thanks for any ideas/advice/resources for helping me figure this out, I really appreciate it!