MarketPress multi-site 'master products' possible?


I have a specific list of products for sale, probably no more than a couple dozen.

I want to give sites to my members where they have their own shopping cart already pre-built and populated with my products using MarketPress.

The idea is that each member can have their own site that they can market. If I add/remove a product from my 'master site' then the product is auto added/removed from their site.

In the end, I am just really looking for a way to offer my clients affiliate sites that look like store fronts. Where when a customer clicks on the item to purchase, technically they are purchasing it from my master site, but the client gets the affiliate commision.

Think of it as a marketpress site full of affiliate products, where the buy now link is just an affiliate link but where product inventories are controlled via the master site.

Is this currently possible with MarketPress?

If you look closely you will notice every 'buy now' link is just an affiliate link. It's a pretty cool concept so long as the inventory is controlled via a master site.

I don't see why this wouldn't be possible with MarketPress, just not sure if anyone has done this before that may have some advice. If not, probably a very cool idea for a new wpmu product -- being able to offer customers affiliate sites instead of just affiliate links... hmm coooool