Marketpress multi site reports

Here's a question,

I'm working on a network of online shops. It's looking like I'll be using one cart for the entire network and will be doing some accounting. Every 2 weeks or month (yet to be determined) I'll be paying out the shop owners. Is there a way to get a network wide sales report?

The other way I was thinking of is doing something where each shop gets their own unique cart but it gets a little more complex. I need to take a percentage off the top then take another amount off the top. To give you some context, I'll be working with a delivery company.

So when the client buys a product xx% goes to the store, xx% goes to me and xx$ (will be a set amount) goes to the delivery company. This is why I thought it might be easier to do everything in one account.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks guys.