Marketpress – multiple digital downloads – Feature Request

I have a very specific usage scenario that I would like to be able to solve with a digital product.

I wonder if this a feature that could be built into MarketPress? If there was other demand.

Specifically I sell gift Vouchers and I’d like to be able to change the quantity and maybe customise a single field.

MarketPress doesn’t allow for multiple orders of a downloadable product and this makes total sense from an ebook/mp3 well anything digital perspective.

But maybe if the digital product could have an autonumber field then we could buy multiples, so then in the case of gift vouchers, each could be £10 and a user could buy multiple.

Does anyone have any other ideas of how I could achieve this sort of thing? or even the best way to hire a dev to build this as an add-on to MarketPress without it breaking MP as it’s updated.