Marketpress Multisite Grid Products

Hey guys, i’m looking for a way to grid view global marketpress products, i’ve looked all over but the only way that seems this can be accomplished is by styling it, there must be an easier way though.

Any help appreciated

Kind Regards


  • Matthew
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hey @aristath

    I’m actually coding up a theme from scratch, i have no problem coding it up through css, it just seems bizarre that there’s no setting on the plugin being premium content and all.

    I just want my site to be more efficient and rely on referring to less css id’s and classes for the case of manipulation.

    Thank you anyway man, appreciate the quick response

    Kind Regards


  • aristath
    • Recruit

    In that case, you can write your own custom functions for creating the templates for that.

    If you take a look at marketpress-includes/marketpress-ms.php, lines 1253-1454 contain the mp_list_global_products function.

    You could write your own function duplicating that one and changing the structure to make it exactly the way you want it, and then use the mp_list_global_products filter (see line 1448) to replace the original templates with your own.

    I hope that helps!



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