Marketpress – Multisite install does not provide page with download link or purchase info

So, I based a huge project on the capabilities of this Plug-in and am now getting my butt kicked. I am 30 seconds from researching other carts that can handle a Networking of WP sites with an effective shopping cart.

With a single site Marketpress install, I was able to charge users a fee via PayPal and then return them to a page with an invoice and a link to download their product on-site.

With a multi-site install, this is apparently not the case. While users can buy stuff across the entire network with one shopping cart, they don’t get a ‘receipt page’ that provides info on all they purchased as well as the ability to download all of the files they bought.

Instead, they get a nice “thank you” page with no content or download links for purchased products whatsoever.

This worked beautifully with a single site install, so what is the deal now?

I convinced my client to pay for all of the services provided by MPMU DEV, based on my previous experience with support here, and am now preparing to eat a whole lot of fees, because what I thought was listed as being part of the product description does not actually seem to be the case at all.

The idea that I am unable to provide downloads for content sold across a WP Network makes the Marketpress claim to work with Multi-sites – um – BS? As well as useless for my client and I. I am 30 days from launch, and have been dealing with image sizing, color correction, etc. for over 3000 images. Silly me, I assumed the software would work for a multi-site install, and was worrying about ‘bigger’ issues.

PLEASE: I have checked this back and forth with a functioning single site install as well as all PayPal settings. I am unable to find any deviation between the settings in either Marketpress or PayPal. CAN a Marketpress multi-site with a PayPal account provide an end-page with available download links?

If this is not currently possible, please let me know now. If this is the case, I have wasted a great deal of time with Marketpress, and need to start over with a better cart ASAP.