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Is it possible having a multi-site setup where users can sign on (Pro Sites) with a Marketpress setup, and make them unable to configure orders and products? I wish to re-sell from our inventory only.
Or can this be done by external development?

Thank you.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Anders,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    A setup like the one that you described is not currently supported "out of the box". I do think however that you could try some "tricky workaround" though. Let me explain :slight_smile:

    On multisite MarketPress can be activated "per-site" which lets you configure it separately for sub-sites. It can also run in "catalog-like" mode. I'm thinking of a setup like that:

    1. Enable MarketPress on your main site where you will be selling from; configure it, create all your products etc.

    2. Setup your Pro Sites plugin and create levels the way MarketPress would be available for sub-sites.

    3. Install and setup New Blog Templates plugin:

    This lets you create a "reference sites" that would then be used as a base for user-created sites (along with settings, content etc).

    4. Create a sub-site and enable MarketPress there too.
    5. Configure entire site to your liking (it won't be used other way as "blog template");
    6. On "Store Settings -> General" page options for that sub-site in "Miscellaneous Settings" page set the option "Disable Cart"; this will essentially turn MarketPress into a "catalog mode"
    7. Add products there - these would be the same products that you sell on main site with an exception that there'd be no direct sales, no inventory tracking etc but instead you would provide a link there to the relevant product on main site.

    8. Get back to "New Blog Templates" settings and mark that new sub-site as a blog template

    Now if somebody signs up for a page and select that template the site will be create including MarketPress with all the products. When a customer visits that site and product, a "Buy now" button is given to him but instead of leading to direct purchase it puts that customer on a product page on your main site where the purchase is possible.

    Another option would be similar but instead of setting MarketPress to "catalog mode" you would simply configure all payments and set all products the same way as on your main site. In such case, purchases would be directly possible from that sub-site.

    In both cases though the point is to disallow users from editing MarketPress settings and products. That could be achieved partially with a plugin such as User Role Editor in order to withdraw product editing capabilities from a user but I think a better choice may be the "Admin Menu Editor" plugin network enabled:

    It should let you set "access rules" to the MarketPress pages in dashboard so should help you prevent sub-sites admins from editing/using them. In case that didn't work fully, let me know please and hopefully I'd be able to help you protect these settings better. I believe though that this plugin should do the job for you.

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Anders!

    For this method, is it possible giving each site a cut of the sales?

    That wouldn't be possible that way, I'm afraid.

    In fact, MarketPress doesn't currently support that kind of scenario: it's possible that the admin/network owner could get some "cut" of the sales made via sub-sites if these sub-sites run their own shops but not the other way round.

    Now when I think about that, I think there may be yet another (and probably simpler) way to achieve that, though please keep in mind that it's not been tested so you may want to give it a detailed test run on a staging site first.

    The idea would be to run MarketPress as a network enabled plugin with a PayPal chained payments.

    With default setup, users would still be able to run their own stores so you could also use New Blog Templates as explained previously. The difference here would be that instead of setting up MarketPress to a "catalog" mode you would want to set it up as a regular store with the same products that you sell on main site. I think that with Admin Menu Editor plugin and with some addition of User Role Manager it would be possible to restrict access to all the MarketPress parts on sub-sites except PayPal settings.

    The PayPal settings would have to be made available because admins of sub-sites would need to configure their PayPal accounts in order to be able to receive payments. You could then use PayPal Chained payments (via "Network Admin -> Settings -> Store settings" page) to set your "Fees to Collect" (it's the commission that the Network owner gets from all the sales across the network) to a high percentage. I mean that

    - assuming all the products, shipping etc are on you (all across the networks) and
    - sub-sites owners just "promote" them selling them from their own sites and
    - you wish to reward them with some percentage commision

    you could set "Fees to Collect" to e.g. 95%.

    That means that for each sale across the network only 5% would go to "sub-site seller" account and 95% of the price would go to your account.

    Best regards,

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