MarketPress Multisite Users

I have MarketPress installed in a WP Multisite with each 'blog' set-up to require the user to be registered in order to purchase from MarketPress. I then have users register and login from a single front-end login script so that they can browse each 'blog' and purchase items from it.

By default, when I create a new user they are added to the main 'blog' of the multisite and then I have to manual (or by way of plugin) add them to each of the other 'blogs'.

My question is: MarketPress seems to work on each of the multisite blogs even if the user hasn't been added to the blog. Is this the correct behaviour, or does each user need to be added to each blog for MarketPress to work in multisite with registration required on?

Thank you in advance!

  • dSquared

    Thank you for the reply Kimberly!

    Let me try and clarify – each sub-blog in a multisite set-up has its own registered user list. A user can be registered under one or multiple sub-blogs.

    That being said, a user, who is registered with sub-blog A can log into the system and still access sub-blog B, where they are not registered.

    If MarketPress on sub-blog B has 'must be logged in to checkout' selected, it still allows the user to checkout even if they are not registered with sub-blog B.

    My question is this normal behaviour? Does MarketPress only require the user to be logged in regardless of whether or not they are a registered user of that specific sub-blog?

    Basically I need to know if I should force registration for all sub-blogs for all users or if being a user on any sub-blog will allow them to use MarketPress on all sub-blogs regardless if that sub-blog has 'must be logged in to checkout' is selected.

    Thank you in advance!

  • dSquared

    Hello hpidriver

    Thank you for the suggestions; I am actually using New Blog Templates as well as Multi User Management.

    The issues, or rather question I have is, MarketPress seems to work regardless if the user is a user on the sub-blog or not as long as they are logged into one of the other sub-blogs, and I want to ensure that this is expected behavior or if I need to make sure all users are part of all sub-blogs.

    This is a members only store so they have to be logged in to check out – otherwise I agree with you on the higher turnover.

  • dSquared


    Actually the Multi User Management plugin doesn't do anything as I'm using a third-party membership plugin to create the users and manually add them to the main blog's user list only.

    I can go into each sub-blog and see that only the admin user is on the user list, however all users can still checkout from all sub-blogs... which is not expected if I am understanding the 'must be logged in to check out' option.