marketpress multistore beginner troubles. consistency, simplicity, uniformity.

Hey everyone. I upgraded and purchased MarketPress the other day and I am running into a few roadblocks that maybe you can help me with. I was sold by the, lack of better term, "absence" of information - i guess it intrigued me, assuming marketpress can do what i want it to do... hopefully it can, still!

Ill list out the things im having issues with, maybe we can all chip in and get them solved.

1) I want people to be able to sign up and start a store - not a blog.
-I dont want people to be able to make posts, pages (related to a blog), etc. Basically - all i want them to be able to do is create a store and start selling - and start getting paid. That being said - is there a way to disable "everything else" not related to marketpress? I have tried "menus" plugin and "wplite". Both are not catered to marketpress and/or multisite. "wplite" plugin isnt good with multisite, and "menus" doesnt even recognize the marketpress menus. Any thoughts on this topic?

2) Kind of going off of #1, i dont want them to join a blog site, but a place to start a store. That being said, i want all of the layout to be consistent throughout the site. Widgets, etc. will all be the same for every "store" in the network *by default*. The only thing that is unique for each store are the seller's products. again - sign up, fill in a few fields for payment information, start selling. Any direction on this?

3) The "pre-purchase" information of marketpress didnt really make clear that you have to purchase another plugin (supporter?) before you (the site administrator) can make commission off of the store's sales. Is this true? It simply said, in the information, that you can do it! Sounded great, but i didnt know you had to purchase another addon. Can someone confirm this and/or send me in the right direction?

I think thats all for now. Hopefully i can get the ball rolling on this. Thanks so much for any feedback in advance, and I'm looking forward to making marketpress my solution!