Marketpress – MySiteMyway Integration


Basically, I have spent hours trying to debug, and now just need your help.

THE GOAL: Make Marketpress & MysiteMyway Theme Play Nice


WORDPRESS: Multisite Version = 3.5.1

TOTAL SITES: 1 (just the base site, being used presently)


MARKETPRESS: Current Version

PERMALINKS: /stores/store/products/category/

SERVER: Dedicated

LAMP: All current versions.


Marketpress auto-generated “Store Page” / Making Bad Links


This is an example, but the problem is the same with widgets as well. You can see that it lists all the categories with an entry. However, when you click any, you get an “Archive Page” that has not list of products displayed. Yuk..


Before we go down the Rabbit hole. The following example shows it working, and I have no idea why?


Compare to this one generated by the store:


So, what you see at the above link, that is what I want, the auto generated links on the STORE PAGE to link to. Likewise the store widgets, assumed to be a connected issue.

So, on the sidebar, I figured the links, and made manual links. But the STORE WIDGETS do not work correctly either.


If you compare the link that works, with the auto-generated link, we see immediately the store is having issues:



—-> /stores/marketplace/categories/

—-> /stores/blog/store/products/category/

I have tried to reset the permalinks but there is no effect. Worse, the WP permalinks are forcing me to have /blog/ which I do not want, but I see this is also being picked up by the store, and added tot he URL, see above.



PERMALINKS: /stores/store/products/category/


At some point, the permalinks has gone wacky. If it could all be corrected so that the store was consistent about both using and calling the same link structure, things would be great.

1 – .htaccess File Issue

I looked at the .htaccess file to to see if it was obviously screwed in some way. But it seems to be ok, other than no obvious entry for Marketpress, but then my research suggests that no such entry is required.

2 – WP Database Redirects (MySQL)

Here I thought maybe considering the link confusion, that perhaps the problem is in the saved options in the WP Database. I looked at the field, but beyond my talent to evaluate or repair.

3 – Custom Theme Solution

After extensive research, it seems is one course of action. But, as the above links demonstrate it can work without a custom theme fix. This assumption seems like overkill.


It seems most logical, that the problem is with the permalinks. The store is creating links that are way off base, the /blog/ part I would like to remove as well. So how do we completely rewire the permalinks and fix this whole mess?

Mahalo nui loa in advance for help.

Aloha, Dustin