Marketpress not completing paypal purchase.... just says, Whoops, looks like you skipped a step!

Marketpress not completing paypal purchase. Using paypal express checkout. After signing in to paypal it returns to my site and says "Whoops, looks like you skipped a step! Please go back and try again." site is I have granted support access to the site.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mary!

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Does it happen only in "Live" mode or both "Live" and "Sandbox" PayPal mode? Can I switch the site temporarily (while testing) to a "Sandbox" mode using my own PayPal sandbox credentials?

    Let me also know please if this started to happen just recently or if it's for some time already and if there were any changes made on site before it started.

    Best regards,

  • Mary

    I havent tested sandbox. Feel free to switch to sandbox.

    It just started happening about 2 weeks ago. I did install a sitemap plugin around that same time but I dont know if its related. I have disabled that plugin. You can even delete it if you want.

    I also installed the WPMU affiliates plugin at that time.

    I have another website on that same server that started doing the exact same thing ("whoops, looks like you skipped a step...") around the same time.

    Thank you for all your help!

  • Dimitris

    Hello Mary,

    I hope that you're doing good today and don't mind skipping in! :slight_smile:

    I just inspected your website and noticed that Marketpress version is rather old and there's an available update in your WPMU DEV Dashboard (which also has an update).
    Can you please take a full backup, update these and write back here to proceed with the sandbox test.

    You can also conduct a theme/plugin test, to see (for sure) if this is due to some conflict. You can find a detailed flow chart in (you may need to scroll down just a bit)

    Looking forward for your results!
    Kind regards,
    Dimitris :slight_smile:

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mary!

    I accessed your site again and tested it using my PayPal sandbox account credentials. I could see the issue "in action" so I examined the site and also the code of the MarketPress release that you're using.

    It seems that this happens because PHP session doesn't carry necessary information for PayPal anymore. The question which is extremely difficult to answer at this point is whether this is caused by changes in PayPal API or by some changes on your server (I'm referring to a server because you mentioned that this is happening on the other site on the server as well).

    The simplest way to test it would be to set a "1:1" copy of the site (so called staging site) on other server, preferably separate hosting company. Do you think it would be possible? I suppose you could even use some trial account for this as many hosts offer 7 or 14 days trial accounts and that time should be enough to confirm/deny whether it's a server issue.

    Let me know please if this is possible!

    Best regards,

  • Mary

    I have made a complete website backup and downloaded it to my computer.
    I have set up a new hosting account with a different host and I have ftp access.
    Now I dont know which files I need to upload to the new host. I want to upload the bare minimum files necessary so as to avoid possibly uploading the original host files that are causing the error. Or should I do a new wordpress install on the new host and use just my database from the old host or will that even work? I dont what to do as this has all just stepped outside of my field of experience.

    Please help.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mary!

    I should have mentioned that before but the simplest way to setup such a site would be to use our Snapshot Pro plugin. Here's the workflow:

    1. Install Snapshot Pro on original site
    2. Create new snapshot, including all the files (media and plugins) and all the database tables
    3. Download snapshot .zip archive
    3. Set a fresh install of WP on that other host
    4. Install Snapshot Pro on that new site
    5. Upload snapshot .zip archive to the "/wp-content/uploads/snapshots" folder of that new install
    5. Go to "Snapshots -> Import" page in that site's dashboard
    6. Hit "Import/Scan" button (no need for filing a form on the page)
    7. Go to "Snapshots -> All snapshots" and user restore option; confirm everything and agree to restore all db tables and all files

    As a result you should end up with a complete "carbon copy" of your current site where all the necessary files were copied and database entries updated. It should carry all the settings and data.

    Then if the same issue happens there we'll know it's not the matter of host so it would most likely be change in PayPal's API.

    Best regards,

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