Marketpress Options - Can we disable?

Hi Guys,

We use this on one of our miltisites, and so far so good. Nice and simple to use, my customers love it.

I have had one customer question a few bits that I cant figure out myself, and im wondering if its something we can resole together.

1) Editing billing fields - on a site we use it for its set up to just do digital downloads. Its a very basic site and she has asked if we can remove phone number and company from the billing fields on checkout? We use PayPal payments only, no shipping.

2) As its digital products only, we dont need the shipping email to be sent. Is there a way of disabling this?

3) IN the order confirmation email, there is a line about tracking which isn't part of the text we can edit. Can we remove this?

Please bear in mind that this particular customer wants this, but not other people on the multisite so I cannot hard code the changes out in case it affects the others.

Thanks in advance guys!